Skip the Rice Water Rinse - Try This

If you're as obsessed with haircare as we are, odds are you've tried a rice water rinse before. Rice water is known for its hair benefits- it detangles hair and repairs damage. Rice water is the starchy liquid left over when rice is soaked or boiled in water. The not-so-fun part about these rinses is how long they take- typical guides suggest storing your rice water for anywhere from 12-24 hours! That's why we're skipping the hassle and going for the good stuff- keep reading to learn more.


Rice water is packed with tons of vitamins and minerals associated with hair benefits. It contains vitamin E, A, and antioxidants which are linked to hair growth. Advocates of rice water for hair growth suggest that it:

  • detangles hair
  • promotes hair growth
  • strengthens hair


Although rice water is packed with nutrients, rice water rinses can have some drawbacks. Those who regularly do rice water rinses for hair growth and shine found that it caused:

  • flaky buildup on the scalp (no thanks!)
  • protein overload to their strands
  • more brittle hair and breakage

Although the rice water benefits for hair sound great, some experts suggest that the starchy water derived from rice can lead to breakage and can cause hair to become brittle.

What's our take? Skip the hassle- and buildup. Enter rice powder.


Rice powder contains all the good stuff that can be found in rice water, minus the buildup and scary bits. It's packed with amino acids and antioxidants which are great for hair growth and shine. The cherry on top? No waiting required! Rice powder can be found in tons of great hair products- including the Watermelon Crush Hair Mask! 

It's benefits include:

  • promoting hair growth
  • preventing hair breakage
  • strengthening hair
  • adding shine

Incorporating rice powder into your haircare routine can prevent damage, hair breakage, and can promote growth. Don't forget to check out our new Watermelon Crush Hair Mask- formulated with watermelon extract, rice powder, avocado oil, and tons of other great ingredients! 🍉  🍇 🥑 🍚