We Want You to Put Watermelon in Your Hair

Watermelon in your hair? You read that right. Watermelon extract is a game-changer in your haircare routine. That's why we created the first ever watermelon-based haircare routine.


Not just great on a summer day, watermelon also has tons of benefits for your hair. Watermelon extract is a great source of vitamin C which is essential for the production of collagen. We know what you're thinking, what does collagen have to do with haircare? Collagen is amazing for strengthening your strands.

Watermelon extract also contains vitamin A which contributes to the repair and reproduction of new skin cells. This allows for a healthy scalp which is essential for healthy hair growth. Vitamin A also produces sebum which moisturizes your strands, keeping your hair hydrated.


Watermelon is a hidden gem when it comes to haircare. That's why we created the Watermelon Crush Hair Mask Formulated with watermelon extract and tons of other star ingredients like avocado oil, grapeseed oil, shea butter, and rice powder! 🍉 🍇 🥑 🍚 🌰  These nourishing ingredients make it the perfect hair mask for dry hair.

Grapeseed oil is ultra-moisturizing which helps keep your hair detangled and super soft 🍇  Want to get rid of frizz? Shea butter is great for frizzy hair- it hydrates and smoothes your hair, keeping in lush.

Have you ever tried to make your own ricewater rinse? Save the hassle and achieve better results with rice powder- a key ingredient in our hair mask 🍚  Perfect for detangling your hair and preventing breakage.

Skip the DIY avocado hair masks and opt for the Watermelon Crush Hair Mask which repairs and nourishes in only 7 minutes. Say goodbye to bad hair days!